Everything you need to deliver
great diet results.

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The Intelligent Dietetics Platform

to keep updated with your clients' progress.

Meal Plan

Create meal plans effortlessly and share them with your clients with a single click.

Wearable Integration

Wearable devices and fitness apps are on the rise. Apricot's seamless integration with third party apps allows you to take advantage of the data your clients are generating.


Connect with your clients using the Apricot Messaging System --- the perfect platform to get in touch with your clients, providing them with the information and encouragement they need to meet their goals.

Progress Tracking

Visualize client progress with Apricot's automatically generated charts and graphs.


Never worry about clients' progress. Apricot's Notification System automatically informs you when a client veers off track.

Client History

Store all your client information in Apricot's secure, private cloud available at the tip of your fingers whenever you need it, without ever having to worry.

Data Sharing

All data entered by your client is shared in real-time, allowing you to access it and provide feedback at your convenience.

Intelligent Dashboard

Apricot's Intelligent Dashboard highlights the clients that matter now --- upcoming appointments and critical cases.

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